European Central Bank

Leverage collaborative intelligence for enhanced Knowledge Management services

The Challenge

The KM Team in the Directorate General/Legal at the European Central Bank (ECB) receives research requests from attorneys. In response, the KM Team conducts research and produces “KM Notes” that consolidate and deepen legal information about topics of importance to DG/L lawyers. This process needed to be better understood and documented to facilitate improvements.

The Solution

Mind-Alliance delivered a knowledge management tutorial on collaborative intelligence -- the synergistic integration of machine and human capabilities -- as a key enabler of an effective knowledge organization. Then Mind-Alliance facilitated an “Idealized Design” exercise about how the KM Note process could work in an ideal world. KM Team members and attorneys asked questions and made suggestions about each part of the KM Note process. This equipped the leadership of the KM Team with insights into immediate improvements they could make to the KM Note process.

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