Immigration Alert Management System (IAMS)

Empowering Strategic Immigration News and Content Management

About Fragomen

  • 6K+ immigration-focused professionals
  • 60+ offices worldwide
  • 70 years of immigration expertise, supporting 170+ countries
Fragomen and MAS collaborated to create the IAMS for seamless immigration content management.
This innovative project redefines how an organization can handle news and changes to deliver exceptional communications to clients.

The Objective

Elevating Domain Expertise

Establish a leadership position in immigration, showcasing strategic expertise and cementing a prominent role in the sector.

Advancing Thought Leadership

Harmonize comprehensive insights, thought leadership, and relationships among staff, clients, and potential clients.

The Objective

Tailoring Audience Engagement

Resonate effectively with clients, potential clients, and staff, catering to diverse needs for more informed decisions and stronger relationships.

Empowering Informed Decisions

Provide a platform for valuable information, enabling better decision-making while highlighting company's expertise.

The Challenge

A keen inclination toward the exploration of automated workflows to streamline and enrich collaborative endeavors and the editing process, but no readily accessible off-the-shelf solution capable of meeting this requirement.

The Challenge

Inefficient Knowledge Production

Outdated workflow, lack of automation, and ineffective collaboration tools hampered productivity and know-how dissemination.

Suboptimal Content Consumption

Inaccurate client data and lack of a dedicated portal restricted access and potential monetization.

The Objective

Limited Access to Strategic Content

An inaccessible repository and poor search capabilities hindered effective information retrieval and sharing.

Operational Bottlenecks and Data Gaps

Inadequate workflow efficiency and fragmented data sources posed operational and strategic decision-making challenges.

The Impact

Increased Efficiency

Accelerates client notifications, streamlines knowledge sharing, and boosts operational efficiency.

Personalized Engagement

Tailors notifications to clients, while ensuring controlled knowledge collaboration.

The Objective

Swift Content Access

Quickly identifies essential content to enhance decision making.

Immigration Collaboration

Fosters teamwork, enhances collaboration, and empowers immigration news and content management.

The Award

The Fragomen Knowledge Team won a 2022 Americas EMMA award from the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) for Thought Leadership – Best Research Study of the Year. The team developed the COVID-19 Entry Rules Platform, an indispensable and easy-to-use guide that has provided countless people with insights about entry and exit bans, quarantines and travel restrictions throughout the world due to the coronavirus.

Core Capabilities

Seamless Alert Creation

Automation of manual processes dramatically reduces time and effort, enabling Fragomen to deliver notifications to clients with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Knowledge Access Control

Fragomen's secure platform gives internal clients controlled access to rich knowledge products to promote consistency, best practices, and strategic insights across all activities.

Faster Access to More Strategic Content

This enables Fragomen employees equipped with search and filter capabilities can access and share a repository of prior knowledge products to gain rapid access to knowledge content across the firm. This, in turn, enables Fragomen to create valuable thought leadership efficiently.

Efficient Knowledge Production with Analytical Support

Streamlined workflow with automation facilitates collaboration across Fragomen’s teams and time zones. The analytical support panel helps harvest reusable knowledge, while the analytics dashboard indicates the impact on Fragomen’s business.

Results and Benefits

Unmatched Efficiency

The MAS solution automates tasks that require significant time and resources to communicate immigration changes. This reduces execution time and resource demands, while ensuring operational efficiency.

Integrated Collaboration

Integration of IAMS with the Legal Practice Library enhances interaction between teams, improves information and resource sharing, and enables repurposing of strategic information to create reports and valuable thought leadership content.

Personalized Experience

Setting the base for Fragomen, the solution enables the company to offer clients personalized notifications and information tailored to future needs and specifications.

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