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Services We Offer

We solve complex B2B problems, including creating web applications that firms love to use either to streamline internal processes or to interact with their clients.

Tailored Legal-Tech Solutions

Access custom designs exclusively tailored for legal professionals, ensuring your software seamlessly aligns with industry requisites.

Expert Domain Integration

Leverage our legal expertise intricately integrated into each design, ensuring software aligns expertly with industry characteristics.

User-Centric Insights

Acquire extensive user insights from thorough analysis, resulting in designs thoughtfully shaped for user expectations.

Complex UX/UI Design

Navigate intricate legal data seamlessly with our sophisticated UX/UI designs tailored for intricate web applications.

Efficient Design Ecosystems

Enhance operational efficiency with seamlessly integrated design systems that optimize scalability and cross-platform development.

Who We Are

Our MAS design team is uniquely qualified to help law firms. Several factors distinguish us from other firms:

Deep understanding of the legal service domain

We recognize the importance of understanding how our users think about the meaning of the content they produce and consume.

Great understanding of AI

We recognize the potential of artificial intelligence for knowledge management at law firms. We are pioneering the use of “neuro-symbolic” AI that combines knowledge graphs and ontologies like SALI LMMS with machine learning (ML) and large language model (LLM) technology.

Effective collaboration with client’s IT team

We understand the IT landscape in law firms, and collaborate productively with IT teams that are concerned about maintainability and security.

Our Approach To Design

At MAS, our design journey seamlessly unites our deep law firm understanding with design expertise, resulting in a tailored experience:

Thorough Discovery and Framing

We dive into your firm's world, comprehending operations intricately. Extensive research frames problems aligned with user needs and business objectives.

Collaborative Ideation and Concepts

Jointly, we brainstorm and ideate solutions, merging your insights with design proficiency. This nurtures user-centric concepts, precisely addressing your firm's distinct challenges.

Low-Fidelity Validation

Concepts transform into low-fidelity prototypes, allowing swift validation, feedback, and iterative enhancement, steeped in user-centric principles.

High-Fidelity Refinement

As concepts turn into high-fidelity designs, our adept design systems ensure brand scalability and product cohesion, aligning seamlessly with your industry's essence.

Implementation and Testing

As designs come alive, we collaborate with developers, ensuring seamless implementation. Rigorous testing ensures user-friendliness and reliability in final product.