KM Showcase 2018

 KM Showcase 2018

KM Showcase 2018

To build successful practices, KM leaders must integrate machine and human capabilities into a socio-technical system. Join David Kamien, CEO of Mind-Alliance Systems at the KM Showcase on January 18th, 2018 at the Sheraton Tysons. David will be speaking about “Collaborative Intelligence and the New KM” within Track II for the KM Manager and Leader.

The Mind-Alliance approach to solving KM problems accounts for the impact of people, collaboration processes, culture, and the effective integration of artificial intelligence on the flow of information. David will describe how you can use this approach to:

1. Pinpoint information gaps
2. Find productivity and decision-making bottlenecks
3. Optimize human workflows with machine learning
4. Shape your firm culture to reward proactivity and effective information sharing

David will share his insights gained from real-world projects with law firms, government agencies, and NGOs (Non-governmental organizations). To hear a unique perspective within the showcase on how to create collaborative networks of humans and AI, with a clear 360-degree view of relationships and context, and to meet one of the leaders in the industry, register for the showcase here.

David Kamien

Mind-Alliance Systems, LLC helps law firms and legal departments enhance their business development research, knowledge management, and data management capabilities. We provide strategic management consulting services, deliver training, and develop user-friendly software solutions. Using proprietary methodologies, technologies, and analytical frameworks, our consultants diagnose issues and prioritize critical improvements. To design successful solutions, we consider strategy, business processes, human capabilities, and system design. Mind-Alliance finds practical ways to integrate intelligence into decision-making, streamline knowledge-intensive processes, and build more effective collaboration.

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