Want to make BD easier?

Win more business and delight clients: We help law firms find the right clients and provide more comprehensive and integrated advice, using systems that enhance knowledge-centered collaboration across practice groups and with clients.

Mind Alliance Systems makes BD easier

  • Integrates Marketing, BD, Research and Cl data into knowledge graphs
  • Build user-friendly Al-Powered marketing, BD and research software solutions

Clients are increasingly asking law firms

What technology are you using to drive value in our relationship? Mind-Alliance builds user-friendly AI-powered marketing, BD, and research software solutions.



Enhance Relationships

To boost business development, marketing, and client service capabilities, we build enterprise, knowledge graph-powered applications that organize data, information, and knowledge resources.

Innovate with Clients

Great things happen when firms and clients collaboratively develop software solutions that enable them to share information, exchange knowledge, and manage legal risks proactively, at a lower cost.

Optimize Processes

We use our patented method to model processes, then create solutions that reduce the time and effort it takes people to get the information they need, to produce valuable knowledge, and to share it internally and with clients.


David Kamien


Who you will speak to

David is the founder and CEO of Mind-Alliance Systems. Mind-Alliance will soon be launching a platform for client engagement, built on their market intelligence technology. In the 20 years since he left the practice of law, David has consulted on innovation, knowledge management, business development, and research for law firms and corporates. David is also the inventor of a patented method for improving organizational information sharing.