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Specify Key Intelligence Needs

Design custom company profile templates with the information needed to develop business and serve clients. Specify preferred sources, including external providers and internal software systems. Organize the information in sections about any topic of interest, such as the company’s leadership and business operations, the legal environment, and competing professional services firms.


Generate Company Reports In Seconds

Automatically populate report templates with data from API-based subscriptions so analysts have time to deliver value-adding insights that contribute to winning business. Eliminate any burden on your IT department by engaging Mind-Alliance to integrate data sources and update connectors as providers change their offerings.

Centralized Team Collaboration

Avoid overloading and distracting busy fee-earners with emailed reports and alerts. Get partners, business development professionals, and analysts on the same page – company profiles that serve as the single shared source of truth about clients. MindPeer is where invited team members can engage in Q&A and discussions about opportunities and plan next steps that drive revenue growth.
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